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10 Thoughts Every Woman Has Had During Sex

 It's only normal for your mind to wander. Here are some things some women have thought about while having sex. 1. "My underwear actually matched today and he didn't even look at it before taking it off."  2. "Nope, that's not my clit....Yeah,that isn't it either."  3. "Don't cum, not yet."... ...Read More

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10 Accidentally Phallic Objects

Just some random pictures from the internet. Wait, do you see what I see? 1. Now you and your bike can have matching ballsacks, cute!    photo via reddit 2. Ever wondered what a mans head looks like directly from the chin?    photo via reddit 3. Nice rims, bro. ... ...Read More

Cara @ Smooth Rooster

Top 10 best gifs to send back to an unwanted dick pic

After a brief and basically unanimous polling of some dick pic recipients (mostly women), we put together this run down of some of our favorite gifs to send back... 1. When you feel like barfing 2. When you just want to be simple 3. When you really don't want to... ...Read More

Cara @ Smooth Rooster